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Let us tell you why do your small business needs to be online. Giving your business an online presence doesn't mean that you have a website with your business information, address, contact details. It also doesn't mean that you have to register with a famous classifieds website with your business information to let the inquirers know about your business. It really actually means that your shop is open 24X7 online for customers to place orders with you. Assume you are owning a B2B business and wanted to sell your products online with your buyers, business partners. You need to own an inventory, Product Pricing, Billing, Delivery, Order Management, etc.. Most probably, you would have to buy a license of a well renowned SCM product which costs you a huge money greater than your monthly revenue. That's going to be impossible to use So, we have created a selling platform having all the above features for B2B vendors to set up their shop.

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